Worker & Office Essentials: Masks, Sanitizer & Office Gadgets

Jess De Villiers Essentials

The devastating effects of COVID 19 on the heath system, the economy and the well-being of our citizens is catastrophic and we are deeply saddened by the effects on workers, healthcare professionals, families and small businesses.

This Workers Day, we would like to encourage all workers, healthcare professionals and small business owners to keep on keeping on and look for the light in the darkness.

This is no doubt the hardest time for a lot of us and we would just like to voice our support for our workers, your workers, our clients and those negatively affected by the pandemic.

We are prioritizing the support of small businesses and local manufactures through our business operations and will be supplying essentials to the workforce.

Please connect with us if you require any reusable face masks, sanitizer or warm jackets for your workforce this winter. [email protected]